ATTENDANCE (317) 254-5588 ext 21555

ATTENDANCE (317) 254-5588 ext 21555

Academic Supports

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Wednesday Morning Student Support

Any Eastwood student can receive academic assistance  from a teacher before school on Wednesday mornings.  Students simply need to see the teacher they want to work with for a pass.  Any student who arrives between 8:15-8:30am with a teacher signed pass will be able to work with a teacher until school starts at 9:20.  We average over 100 students each Wednesday and we encourage all of our students to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.



SOAR is a program that assists and allows our students to perform at their highest potential. It is an after school support program where Eastwood students may catch up on late work, get help with homework, complete missing assignments, study for tests or makeup for time lost in class due to disruptive conduct.  Students will be referred to SOAR by a teacher or teachers in collaboration with parents/guardians.