ATTENDANCE (317) 254-5588 ext 21555

ATTENDANCE (317) 254-5588 ext 21555

Student Services

School Social Worker

Mrs. Alexa Jeran

(317) 259-5401 ext 21132

6th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Ellie Roberts

(317) 259-5401 ext 21233

7th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Tara Mitchell

(317) 259-5401 ext 21135

8th Grade Counselor

Mrs. Sharon Hopkins

(317) 259-5401 ext 21136

Student Services Secretary

Ms. Jackie Mahon

(317) 259-5401 ext 21131

Our school counselors are available to all students to discuss:

  • Personal concerns
  • Feelings of sadness, anxiety, or stress
  • Problems with another student
  • Academics/Grades
  • Resources (school supplies, food, clothing, hygiene, etc.)


Our school social worker is available to all Eastwood students and families to assist with matters involving:

  • Resources (school supplies, food, clothing, hygiene, etc.)
  • Family emergencies/crises
  • Housing/homelessness issues and concerns
  • Attendance concerns
  • Foster youth enrollment


If your student would like to request a meeting with their counselor or school social worker, please have them complete the “Student Services Team Request” form here:, or a paper version of the form can be found in the Student Services Office.

For more information about the services that Washington Township provides, please visit:

For more information on the role of Middle School Counselors, please refer to this article by the American School Counselor Association or visit their site here.

Cummins’ Youth and Family Resiliency Program serves children and adolescents, ages 5-18, with serious emotional disturbances in the context of the family system.

Service divisions within the Youth and Family Resiliency Program include:

  • Office and Community-based Services
  • School-based Services
  • Family Preservation Services
  • Child Mental Health Wraparound (CMHW) Services
  • Employment Services for Transitional-age Youth

In collaboration with local schools, Cummins places clinical providers within the school to work with children and adolescents in their natural setting, where mental health difficulties frequently present themselves. Early identification and treatment of these conditions often results in fewer mental health challenges when youths enter adulthood.

If you are interested in getting a referral for your student to meet with our Cummins Therapists, please reach out to your student’s grade-level counselor or administrator. More information regarding the Cummins program can be found on their website.

21st Century Scholars

  • Indiana’s 21st Century Scholars program provides up to four years of undergraduate tuition to income-eligible students at participating colleges or universities in Indiana, as well as step-by-step guidance and support to make sure they succeed in college and receive support to finish their degree.
  • You can enroll your child as a 21st Century Scholar from the time they enter 7th grade to June 30th of their 8th grade year.
  • For more information about 21st Century Scholars, please click here.

Free & Reduced Lunch Application

Energy Assistance Program – Indiana’s Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Applications are open from October 2, 2023 until May 20, 2024. Please visit this link for more information on how to use this resource.

Vision Referral