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Re-Opening of School 2020/21 as of 8/27/2020

August 30, 2020 at 03:35

EW Editor

School Board Approval

At the Washington Township Board of Education meeting last night (Wednesday Aug. 26), the Washington Township School Board approved the WT Reopening of Schools Plan for In-Person Learning. School Board President Bill Turner states, “The School Board has been reviewing and discussing complexities with the reopening of schools decisions since June due to COVID-19.  The challenges of making a decision like this required School Board Members to weight the benefits of in-person learning versus health and safety concerns.  These are difficult decisions during an unprecedented pandemic.”  The School Board approved plan is in effect until directed otherwise by the School Board, Governor, Mayor, and/or Health Department for COVID-19 implications.  Families and employees are welcome to listen to the audio recording on reopening discussion from last night’s board meeting (once at the link, click on August 26 meeting, then click “View The Agenda.” Scroll to Section E, and click on #9 titled “Reopening Action Item Audio”).

All families and employees are encouraged to review the Board Approved Reopening of Schools Information .  At this site you will find the following information:

  1. Board Approved Resolution on Reopening of Schools
  2. Board Approved WT Reopening of Schools Overview & Comprehensive Plan for In-Person Learning
  3. Summary of the Reopening Plan
  4. Virtual Academy Option Details 
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