Student Cell Phone & Property Policy

August 1, 2018 at 12:28

EW Editor


*** This is an excerpt from Student Handbook, page 99 and 100.
Entire Handbook can be found on webpage under Student Center or at the school. ***



Students are requested to protect their personal property carefully at all times. Students are to keep their purses with them, especially in the restroom.

Electronic Devices:

Students will have disciplinary consequences assigned if using electronic devices for:

  • Bullying, harassing, distracting other students or disrupting the class.
  • Taking inappropriate pictures of themselves or others.
  • Use in crime.

If lost items such as books, personal property and articles of clothing are found, they may be claimed in the student center lost and found box. Personal property, such as rings, bracelets, glasses, and money may be claimed in the main office.

Phones, cameras, tape recorders, IPOD’s, PSP’s and other such equipment are encouraged by administration to not be brought to school or used during school hours.

Students who carry cell phones and other such equipment for after school activities will be required to have them in their lockers turned off until the school day ends.

Eastwood will not be responsible for lost or stolen items including cell phones, Ipods and MP3 players. Teachers and administrators will not search for lost or stolen personal items. Searching for such items takes away from instructional and supervision time. If such items are seen by a staff member, they will be confiscated and will only be returned to a parent or guardian. Repeated violations will cause disciplinary actions including confiscation of item for extended days. Parents/Guardians will be asked to pick up electronic devices during office hours.

Toys, games, and other “playthings” are a distraction and are not to be brought to school.

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