Artistically Talented Study World Changers

November 12, 2013 at 16:02

MSD Editor


Artistically Talented students visited the Indianapolis Museum of Art in October. Students are studying, “World Changers” this year and explored artwork by artist Henri Matisse. World Changers is the overall theme of Artistically Talented and focuses on international artists that have changed the world whether by conceptual thought or by literally changing the Earth, through environmental art, etc.  This was a great field trip to encourage students to inquire deeper into the world around them.

“From the earliest times, artistic expression has been common to all cultures as human beings make statements through a variety of non-verbal forms and create objects that are aesthetically pleasing. Beyond barriers of language, the discovery of the cultural values of civilizations through their artistic production is one of the best ways to promote international understanding.

Students are brought into contact with the art forms and aesthetic values of other cultures as well as their own, and are helped to develop perceptions between ideas and art. They are also encouraged to identify particular creative abilities and to master techniques appropriate to that form of expression.” – IB MYP  Read more about the IB Art Curriculum here

The exhibit was exquisite and inspired students to create even more colorful artwork, something that Matisse is most famous for. The group is led by artist and art teacher, Mrs. Lacey Kilbarger.