Academic Supports

December 22, 2011 at 18:40

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Homework Hotline 2017-2018

Homework Sites

6th Grade Academic Team

Eagles 6th Grade Website

7th Grade Academic Team

Eagles 7th Grade Website

Mrs. Grinnell’s Science Website


8th Grade Academic Team

Gold & Blue Stars Websit

Exploratory Arts

Mr. Feeney’s Computer Technology Website



Wednesday Morning Student Support

Any Eastwood student can receive academic assistance  from a teacher before school on Wednesday mornings.  Students simply need to see the teacher they want to work with for a pass.  Any student who arrives between 8:00-8:15 with a signed pass will be able to work with a teacher until school starts at 9:10.  We average over 100 students each Wednesday and we encourage all of our students to take advantage of this excellent opportunity.

Another option is IMCPL Kids found at IMCPL Kids